Chris Cooper


Allison Ferrell

Chris Cooper and Allison Ferrell

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Our Story

It was November 2013, when a mutual friend's twenty-first birthday, a few drinks, and a lost pair of sunglasses brought Chris and Allison together for the first time.

Chris and a group of friends were crashing at Allison's apartment in Nashville to celebrate a mutual friend's wild and crazy twenty-first. From the moment Allison first laid eyes on Chris, she was hooked. She went around to the girls in the group asking about him, and continually getting the "we've been best friends since middle school" answer of "it's Chris...". Unknowingly to Allison, Chris was doing the same in return. When the weekend was over, Allison used the excuse of a pair of lost sunglasses to talk to Chris again. One thing led to another, and a few months later Allison was on her first of many visits to Greenfield, TN.

Over the next two years they shared countless memories, and adventures together but the distance was becoming increasingly harder as they started planning their lives together. That is when Allison packed her bags and moved West to small town USA. Fast forward to February 2019, on their fifth anniversary, Chris got down on one knee and asked Allison to marry him (finally).

We are so grateful for the love and support from friends and family as we celebrate this new adventure as husband and wife in July 2020.
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